Guidelines for Presentations and Posters


  • There is no official template for a presentation; a presenter can use any layout he wants to.
  • Computers will be able to run presentations prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt, *.pptx). If you use any other program, please convert your presentation to PDF.
  • Allocated time for each presentation is 25 minutes (15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes for discussion). Please make sure you will be able to meet this limit.
  • Please upload your presentation directly to the computer in your conference room during coffee break or lunch break before your presentation. There will be a technician that will assist you. Do not send us your presentation in advance.


  • All posters should be printed on A0 papers (841x1189 mm) in PORTRAIT format. Do NOT use landscape format!!!
  • There is no official template for a poster; an author can use any layout he wants to.
  • Please print your poster yourself in advance. There will be no plotter available directly at the conference venue for printing of posters. Printers in the university campus are likely to be closed as the conference takes place during summer holiday. The organizers will NOT arrange printing of your poster!
  • Please install you poster during the morning of the first conference day (Wednesday, 29th August) at 12 am the latest. Keep it in place at least until the end of the lunch break of the last conference day (Friday, 31st August). There will be technicians that will assist you with installation. They will be equipped with all necessary means (pins, adhesive tape and scissors).
  • Authors of posters should be present at their posters during at least two coffee breaks or lunch breaks to answer the questions of conference participants.
  • Please keep in mind that the posters might be slightly damaged while installed on the board (by pins or adhesive tape). The organizers cannot guarantee that the poster will be usable after the conference.
  • Please use sufficient font size (at least 32 pt.) to make sure your poster will be readable from a distance.
  • Please avoid excessive amounts on text on posters, concentrate on illustrative figures, schemes or charts.