Consent to publish from the Authors to the Organizing Committee

All papers submitted to the fib symposium, 2018, Organizing Committee (OC), which will act as the Publisher of the proceedings, will be published in electronic format and made available to delegates on a USB stick.

The consent ensures that the Publisher has the author’s permission to publish the work, individually or collectively, in print or electronic format. This permission is extended to the International Federation for Structural Concrete (the fib) who can publish the work through additional outlets (for example, publication on the fib website or in its Structural Concrete journal).

  1. The authors hereby grant the publisher (OC of fib symposium) the right to publish said contribution in print and electronic format.
  2. The author retains the right to republish the contribution in a collection consisting solely of the author’s own work (e.g. on the author’s website, or in relevant websites linked to the author’s research profile). Any republishing of the contribution needs to refer to the original publication (i.e. the proceedings of the fib symposium, 2018).
  3. The author guarantees that the contribution is original, has not been published previously, is not being considered for publication elsewhere, and that any permission to quote from other sources has been obtained.
  4. The author declares that any person named as co-author of the contribution is aware of the fact and has agreed to being so named.

By ticking the box the corresponding author, on behalf of all authors, gives the consent to the Oraginizing Committee to publish the work.